JARS v59n3 - Gold Medal Honors: Bill Moyles

Gold Medal Honors: Bill Moyles

Bill Moyles Gold Medal award
Bill Moyles received the ARS Gold Medal
Award at a meeting of the California Chapter
June 16, 2005.
Photo by Dr. Paul Anderson

The American Rhododendron Society's mission statement emphasizes two actions relating to the genus Rhododendron , "to educate" and "to promote." You have done this with vireya rhododendrons. You have provided education through your published articles, correspondence, consultations, and accurate record keeping. Your Paper "A Vireya Seed Odyssey" is still distributed as the "authoritative guideline" for germinating seed. You have established a global network of vireya hybridizers and growers that is now an active international community of vireya enthusiasts. You have promoted vireya rhododendrons through your generous sharing of seedlings, cuttings, plants and information.
Your present project, the Lakeside Vireya Garden in Oakland, California, continues to provide education and promote vireya rhododendrons. Through your long-term commitment, persistence, and desire you have made major contributions in spreading interest in vireya rhododendrons all over the world.
In appreciation for all you have done, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Gold Medal to Bill Moyles. April 30, 2005, Victoria, British Columbia.

Bill Moyles was not present at the ARS Annual Convention. District 5 Director, Dr. Paul Anderson, accepted the award for Mr. Moyles.