JARS v59n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Bruce Cobbledick
California Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to award our highest honor to Bruce Cobbledick whose enthusiasm and continuous contributions to the group have enriched us all. From the time Bruce joined the Society, he has studied and become extremely knowledgeable about the genus Rhododendron . He served as president for three years and has participated in and worked at all our annual shows. Bruce has also been a regular worker in our rhododendron garden at Lakeside Park in Oakland, and has inspired others to help. For these efforts and his calm and steady leadership and participation in our activities, we are proud to bestow this American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal to Bruce Cobbledick, June 16, 2005.

Jan Bowman
Our highest award, the Bronze Medal, is a fitting honor for Jan Bowman. He has been California Chapter's treasurer and financial advisor for many years. Jan's collection of Wilson's azaleas from the National Arboretum has been propagated and shared with members. His garden features azaleas in all their beauty. For his faithful attention to our financial health and his generosity with his plants, we are happy to award Jan Bowman this American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal, June 16, 2005.

Diane & Bob Weissman
This spring the De Anza Chapter was delighted to give the Bronze Medal to Diane and Bob Weissman. Between them they have held every office available with Diane being secretary three years, treasurer four years and both of them being president one year. Between them they have been show and sale chairmen several times as well as treasurer for the sales. Bob is the ARS Webmaster, redesigning our website, making the database of rhododendrons with photos and getting our ARS journal on line for everyone to read. He was given a special award a few years ago from the Society for his work on the website. Currently, he is the chairman of the Digital Publications Committee and the Electronic Media Committee and unofficial trouble-shooter for all things electronic at ARS. It is the chapter's pleasure to award this medal to them for outstanding service to our chapter as well as the international society.

Vic Vickers
Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Vic Vickers in recognition of his active and dedicated participation in MARS since becoming a member several years ago. Vic, who moved to Qualicum Beach, B.C., in 1995, has been a diligent and efficient treasurer since 1998 and since that time has served on several committees: meeting co-ordinator, garden tours, truss shows and plant sales. His garden has been opened to the public and visiting tour groups on many occasions and his donations of rhododendrons to the public gardens in Qualicum Beach and Parksville has been most generous. The awarding of this Bronze Medal to Vic is our way of saying thank you.