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From The President
Len Miller
Grove, Oklahoma

Len Miller
Len Miller

The regional meetings were a great success, thanks to all who came and participated, but specially to those who planned and presented. These meetings allow us to catch up on techniques of propagation and grafting, as well as looking at the work of hybridizes. Interest is still high for species, and if you can't grow them, hybrids that look like species.
The American Rhododendron Society is privileged to have many fine volunteers working on our committees. Bill Steele is our new chair for the Azalea Committee. He is an expert on azaleas and a fine gentleman. The Speakers Bureau is getting updated by Bill Stipe. If you want to join the Speakers Bureau please contact Bill. Bill has a great species garden on Whidbey Island, but he enjoys hybridizing too. District Director Don Smart is working on "Name that Rhododendron," a bidding process to name a rhododendron that will be the next fashion plate. Don Smart and Bob Weissman are tireless volunteers who work to keep us up to date in the world of cyber space and software.
The Society is all about education - learning about plants, how to grow them and for some how to propagate them. Most of this takes place at the local chapter meetings; however, through the Public Education Committee, the Proven Performers list was created. Each year your chapter should update that list. Four plants from each area are picked to be the "Rhododendron of the Year." Ray Smith is our acting committee chairman. He has been actively seeking nominations.
Finding Proven Performers is your job, so grab the shovel. Remember rhododendrons make the most beautiful gardens.