JARS v60n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal: Tony Knights
The Rhododendron Society of Connecticut, a Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, presents the Bronze Medal Award to Tony Knights in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the expansion of interest in rhododendrons, through service to the chapter. Tony created many extraordinary hybrids and has generously shared seeds from his crosses with ARS members for more than thirty years. His comprehensive knowledge of plants has significantly enhanced the educational value of many chapter meetings. 21st day of April, 2006.

Bronze Medal: Jim Fry
The New York Chapter is pleased to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Jim Fry in recognition of his tireless efforts in support of various critical chapter activities and his leadership as chapter president. During a challenging term of office, he worked diligently to assure that all chapter members could enjoy the broad range of benefits accruing to membership in the ARS. He has continued to play a major role in chapter plant sales and compiled an informative and entertaining newsletter for many years. In addition, Jim always makes himself available to help out, whether the occasion be Flower Show, Propagation Workshop, Summer Social or other events. June 2006.

Bronze Medal: Betty Kennedy
It is a distinct pleasure for the Victoria Rhododendron Society to recognize the many contributions of its longtime member Betty Kennedy. She provided exceptional leadership as president and worked to bring club procedures in compliance with the Society Act of B.C. and ARS guidelines. More importantly, she encouraged other members to join the Club Executive, and provided guidance for them to develop and become leaders themselves. She has graciously hosted innumerable meetings, judged at the club's annual show, spoken at monthly meetings and opened her Galiano home for the club picnic. Betty has been an excellent liaison with the Finnerty Gardens at the University of Victoria and was the impetus behind the inclusion of the Royal B.C. Museum Event at the recent ARS Convention in Victoria. For her contributions over many years, her outstanding leadership and mentoring, and, of course, for her famous mince tarts at Christmas, we are delighted to award the Bronze Medal to Betty Kennedy. June 2006. <.p>

Bronze Medal: John Gordon
For someone who loves his vintage 1954 Jaguar convertible more than rhododendrons and who often refers himself as a "dragee" in support of his wife, Judy, John has really contributed to the health of the Victoria Chapter. John has been the treasurer for the past seven years. He has been the realist who encourages the rest of the executive to consider the financial consequences of their wildest dreams. John has also managed the membership lists, invested our funds, looked after the show and sale receipts and reports clearly on the financial health of the society to the executive and at the Annual General Meetings. John also managed the budget and finances for the 2005 ARS Convention in an exemplary fashion. In 2002, John was awarded the Abkhazi Tray for his work for the club and we are pleased to recognize his service as he has just completed his final year as treasurer. Now both John and Judy are Bronze medal winners.

Bronze Medal: Wilbur Bluhm
The Willamette Chapter, Salem, Oregon, is pleased to present the Bronze Medal, the chapter's highest honor, to Wilbur Bluhm for his dedication as a researcher, author, and generous contributor to the Rhododendron Society and the Community. His knowledge of plants is vast and our chapter is fortunate to have him as a member. He has presented many programs with his photographs at the monthly meetings. He has led many field trips to Southern Oregon, in which he has included our chapter. Wilbur continues to research plant information and has written many articles for different publications, which includes articles to the American Rhododendron Society Journal and is currently writing a series for the Journal. Wilbur is a professional horticulturist, a retired OSU extension agent and a consultant to growers and planners. He is a member of many plant societies and founder of the Willamette Chapter of the Native Plant Society. In recognition for his many contributions to the community and to the Willamette Chapter we presented this Bronze Medal to Wilbur Bluhm on May 10, 2006.

Bronze Medal: Charles and Maxine Dehn
The Willamette Chapter, Salem, Oregon, is pleased to present the Bronze Medal, the chapter's highest honor, to Chuck and Maxine Dehn for their combined contribution to the chapter. Chuck has served as president for two terms and Maxine has been the support and greeter, meeting members and making visitors feel welcome at every monthly Society meeting for the past five years. For many years Chuck has served as chairman of the Truss Show at which he has done an outstanding job of getting it up and running. Maxine has worked equally as hard at organizing and setting up. Together they have hosted many society functions including our Christmas dinner and the May plant auction/pot-luck. As a team they motivated the chapter to produce some of the best truss shows and have put a lot into set-up and take down as well as storing the show materials for many years. In recognition for their many contributions we presented this Bronze Medal to Chuck and Maxine Dehn on May 10, 2006.