JARS v60n3 - In Memoriam: Frank J. Alderton

In Memoriam: Frank J. Alderton
Bob Dickhout

Frank James Alderton passed away on Sept., 4, 2005, in his 77th year after a brief illness. Frank was born in Niagara Falls on Nov. 3, 1928.
Frank had found a new interest in the genus Rhododendron quite recently in 1996. He had been a long-time gardener and over the years most of his spare time was always involved with plants, when not busy as a sought after mechanic. Frank possessed a natural ability in propagating plants; rhodos were simply a new challenge and before long Frank had transformed his back yard.
He and his wife, Ruth, had become members of the local Niagara Chapter of District 12. From the beginning their children, Donna and Neil, benefited from his landscaping skills as well. He became involved in the annual Rhododendron Flower Show and began to have success. He also readily aided in the spring plant sales. They would show up very early the next morning to set up the plants and to participate in the sale.
Frank was always the gentleman and never hesitated to lend a hand. He will be very difficult to replace.