JARS v60n3 - Loder Rhododendron Cup: Jay Murray

Loder Rhododendron Cup: Jay Murray

The Loder Rhododendron Cup is awarded annually by the Rhododendron and Camellia Committee in recognition of both floral display and the value to horticulture of the work of the recipient, whether this work shall include the production of flowers nor not.

Loder Cup Jay W. Murray receiving Loder Cup
Loder Cup award ARS President Leonard Miller presenting Loder Cup award to Jay W. Murray

It is awarded to Mrs. Jay W. Murray in recognition of her valuable contribution to rhododendron horticulture. Jay has been a Registrar for the American Rhododendron Society since November 1985 and over this period has been responsible for collating several thousand registrations. Her efforts have ensured a high level of accuracy and completeness of the Society's Rhododendron Register. Additionally, Mrs. Murray was involved in the draft of the New International Register, which was completed in 2004. She checked all 27,000 entries meticulously, providing an extraordinary amount of extra data on existing entries together with hundreds of accounts of cultivars missing from the records. She is also a determined promoter of rhododendron cultivar registration, writing articles and speaking at conventions.