JARS v60n3 - 'Meow Frivers' Deciphered

'Meow Frivers' Deciphered
Sandra F. McDonald
Hampton, Virginia

A word of illegible handwriting mentioned in the article "'Meow Frivers' and 'Pole Limbs': In Search of Records of Native Azaleas" in Vol. 60, Number 1, Winter 2006 issue of JARS has been deciphered by Donald Voss who thinks Dr. Skinner moved his hand when writing on the cramped page. The word in the March 27th diary entry should be "inconspicuous," which makes sense.

Skinner note.

It now should read: "Again no hybrids or other austrinas seen. W.31. Tubes orange - 4K10. Limb yellow tan 956 flushed with orange pink. Blotch inconspicuous (not "meow frivers") about 9J6.
The UVA web site: http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/cgi-local/skinner/skinner-browse?id=skinner_p1Mar.xml will be corrected.
One correction is needed in the Journal article itself. Near the beginning of paragraph four of the article it should say the trip took place between March and August (not March and October).