JARS v60n3 - Silver Medal Award: Joseph Parks

Silver Medal Award: Joseph Parks

Joseph Parks
Joseph Parks

For half a century you have been producing hardy, floriferous rhododendrons and azaleas for the chillier parts of the Northeast. You have developed rhododendrons with gorgeous foliage and blooms and deciduous azaleas resistant to mildew and sawfly larvae. Many of your plants are registered and now in production in the Northeast. Your six-acre garden, with over a thousand rhododendrons and azaleas, is an inspiration to cold-climate gardeners.
You consider education about the genus to be crucial and have published many articles for both the connoisseur and the general public. You have conducted an extensive hardiness survey to support your hybridizing. You have been active in your chapter and served as its president.
For your many accomplishments, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Silver Medal to Joseph "Joe" Parks. May 14, 2006. Rockville, Maryland.