JARS v60n4 - In Memoriam: Dorothy Knippenberg

In Memoriam: Dorothy Knippenberg
Al Fitzburgh

Dorothy Knippenberg, 96, passed away June 26, 2006, at her home in Wayne, New Jersey.
She will always be remembered for her beautiful 30-acre estate Laurelwood Gardens in Wayne. She was still working vigorously in the Gardens. Her dedication to rhododendrons brought both rhododendron/azalea lovers to travel many miles to view the Garden, which became part of the Wayne park system in 1996. She continued to work in the garden and even had plans for its future. She fell and fractured her hip on December 2005 and never quite recovered, but what she and her husband John did for Laurelwood Gardens will be ever remembered by thousands and thousands of the people who painted and visited there. She was a member of the New York Rhododendron Society almost from its inception.