JARS v60n4 - From The President

From The President
Len Miller
Grove, Oklahoma

Len Miller
Len Miller

This summer was vacation time for most of us. We left our gardens and ran to the lake or beach to escape the hot weather. When we returned there was often a problem, most often it was the weeds that covered our plants, or some just died from lack of water. Well, vacations are important and we now have a place for a new flower. I have always had two passions: one was boat racing, the other gardening. Here in Oklahoma, gardening is done spring, fall and winter. Summer is for boating and it's been a great life. The ARS is much like my pattern or cycle. We pause in the summer to find new strength for our fall, winter and spring activities.
Wing Fong, a long-time member of the Princeton Chapter, is putting the finishing touches on our new Program Library. You will hear more about it as programs become available. I want to thank him and his lovely wife Pearl for all the work they have done on behalf of the ARS.
The ARS though our Endowment Program has supplied a mower to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. They are using it to preserve the azalea swarms on Gregory and Andrew Bald. The park superintendent Mr. Dale A. Ditmanson was very appreciative.
Remember, rhododendrons make the most beautiful gardens.