JARS v61n3 - Gold Medal: Peter Schick

Gold Medal: Peter Schick

Peter Schick
Peter Schick

Beyond your scenic California coastal community, you are recognized worldwide for your hands-on horticultural expertise and for sharing material and data for the genus Rhododendron and vireya species. Your enthusiasm and generous distribution of seeds, plants and cuttings have earned you the title "Johnny Appleseed" of vireyas.
Your role in helping to create the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is legendary. The big-leaf rhododendrons and tender species that you planted are highlights of that 40-acre enclave. Your knowledge and advocacy of natural habitat preservation contribute significantly to the protection of the environment for native species in your area.
For your nearly forty-year romance with rhododendrons and your patient work in populating them, the American Rhododendron Society gratefully awards the Gold Medal to Peter Schick. April 14, 2007, San Francisco, California.