JARS v61n3 - Silver Medal: Robert "Mitch" Mitchell

Silver Medal: Robert "Mitch" Mitchell

Robert 'Mitch' Mitchell
Robert "Mitch" Mitchell

You are the driving force behind the Hawaii Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. Under your guidance the Hawaii Chapter has hosted three international vireya seminars and a national convention. Your enthusiasm, generosity, and love for vireya rhododendrons are infectious. You have created a worldwide network where questions, comments, photos and ideas can be shared. For many of us you opened a whole new world.
Your passion for vireyas has taken you into hybridizing and your crosses now exceed sixty. You are a major contributor of vireya seeds distributed widely by the Hawaii Chapter. You've also created two vireya gardens. The first is your personal garden at your home in Volcano Village. The second is located at the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens where the vireya species section is filled with your donated plants.
For your exceptional service and accomplishments, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award the Silver Medal to Robert "Mitch" Mitchell. April 14, 2007, San Francisco, California.