QBARS - v6n1 Plants Entered for Awards

Plants Entered for Awards

The American Rhododendron Society accepted two new hybrid Rhododendron crosses. These plants, R. griersonianum x 'Mars' and 'Azor' x 'Loderi King George', are to be entered in the Test Garden for a period of two or more years for observation and rating by the Awards Committee. After these plants have bloomed for two years they will be eligible for an award, a "Test Garden Certificate," providing they pass the approval of the five judges who are designated by the American Rhododendron Society to grant Awards to worthy plants.
The Rhododendron Test Garden, Crystal Lake Spring Island, S. E. 28th and Carlton Streets, serves a dual purpose; that of being a Rhododendron Park as well as a Test or Trial Garden for new seedling crosses. The planting is so arranged that it gives the appearance of a Rhododendron Botanical park. The species are segregated and grouped around the outer path system encircling the Island while the named hybrids of both rhododendron and azaleas are planted along the inner path systems. The newer hybrids and the rhododendrons entered in the Garden for actual trial and testing purposes are placed in a group by themselves.
The two new unnamed hybrids which have been accepted for Trial purpose have been entered by Mr. Ben Lancaster of Camas, Wash.