QBARS - v6n3 Minutes of Meeting of American Rhododendron Society , Portland, Oregon, May 15, 1952

Minutes of Meeting of A.R.S., Portland, Oregon - May 15, 1952
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

The annual meeting of the American Rhododendron Society was called to order by President, Mr. C. 1. Sersanous at 8:30 P.M. in the Auditorium of the Journal Building. New members and guests wore introduced. Mr. Howard Kerrigan of Oakland, Calif., and also of our California Chapter was the guest coming from the greatest distance.
The newly elected Directors were announced and asked to take the oath of office. They were as follows: Mr. John G. Bacher, Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Mr. C. T. Hansen, Mr. Ben F. Lancaster, Dr. Gick and Mr. Cecil Smith.
Mr. Sersanous then announced that on each chair was a list of rhododendrons, a sort of popularity survey which is to be taken home, filled out and mailed to the Secretary. This list has been compiled by Mr. Brian Mulligan of the University of Washington Arboretum and the survey will be used to classify the more popular rhododendrons.
Attention was called to the excellent blooms sent in tonight for awards. Two Awards have just been granted to Rudolph Henny, one for his cross of 'Loderi' x 'Borde Hill'. This cross was made in 1942. The other P.A. was for his cross of 'Britannia' x 'May Day'.
Dr. Clarke was asked to say a few words about the Award system. He reiterated the two types of Awards which have been described in the April 1951 Quarterly Bulletin.
A brief report was made on the Seattle Show which was held May 2nd and on the Tacoma Chapter Show held May 10th and 11th.
Our Show Chairman, Mr. Adolph Meyer then made an appeal of workers to help set up our Show for the 17th and 18th. The chairman of the Classification Committee, Mr. C. T. Hansen urged every member to make an entry in the coming Show.
Remember the Cleveland High School Rhododendron Show, May 16th. These High School students are doing a fine thing with their specialized flower shows and again this year we are awarding a Cup for the best Flower Arrangement.
A letter was read from Mr. Donald Graham, President of the Seattle Chapter, in which he told of a display of cut trusses to be held by the Seattle Chapter on May 30th, in the Arboretum Club house. This will be two weeks later than our Show, so it should be a good showing of the later blooming varieties.
Mr. Sersanous opened for discussion the question of forming a Portland Chapter. After several members voiced opinions a vote of hands was called for. The vote was unanimous for a Chapter. The meeting of the A.R.S. was adjourned and a meeting of a Portland Chapter then took place. A motion was then made that the A.R.S. officers serve as Chapter officers for the rest of the Calendar year. Motion carried.
The Annual Financial Report of the A.R.S. was read. Slides were then shown by George Grace.
Meeting adjourned.