QBARS - v7n1 Cover


The usually drab days of winter leave much to be desired as regards the gardener who waits almost impatiently for the first signs of Spring. The scene on the cover of the Quarterly Bulletin was taken in the A.R.S. Trial Garden at Crystal Lake Springs during the early part of December. A low sun with only the very feeblest of rays has had no effect on the drooping foliage so arranged by the preceding night's frost. The entire garden has a strange and different appearance. The large leaved species from China seemingly gloat over the condition of warm rain, and frost. The small species from the high alpine meadows seem happiest though, and bedeck their foliage with the widest assortment of colors, and rarely ever bother to huddle and curl their foliage. A garden during the Winter has its aspects of delight in that it is different from its usual self. Even though this month is the middle of winter, the month of February will find a number of species and hybrids valiantly displaying their longed for bloom.