QBARS - v7n1 The American Rhododendron Society Gold Medal Award

The A.R.S. Gold Medal Award

Remarks made by the Editor at the presentation of the A.R.S. Gold Medal to President C. I. Sersanous

Mr. Chairman, Members Of The A.R.S.:
I am sure that all of you are aware that the office of President of a National Society as ours is no small job. The duties of such an office are many, besides conducting meetings, which by the way is by far the smallest task, hours of driving, countless letters to answer (and the Secretary informs me that our President has assumed the cost of all his postage), the diligent application of tact to keep in good repair the harmonious relationship with the Commercial Growers, and his vital interest in the programs presented at these meetings.
Mr. Sersanous alone is responsible for the first moves of the Society to undertake the program of a Trial Garden. He worked quietly for months on this idea. It meant many visits to the City Hall, to the Park Bureau, the County Commissioner and finally to the City Council. Then with the approval of the City Council some two years ago the Garden for the Society became a reality. The American Rhododendron Society approved the action of this Garden and the committees were duly appointed. Upon inspection it was deemed wise by the committee to erect a cyclone type fence for the protection of valuable plant material. A Trial Garden fund was set up and the entire sum of $1500.00 was donated by your president. Later many items were needed, lumber for the shelter, material for the path system and walks, and much rare plant material. Though our president is most reluctant to make known any figures, I think it only just to announce that to this date over $1,000.00 has been contributed to the A.R.S. Trial Garden by Mr. Sersanous.
For your actions, and by unanimous consent of the Board of Directors of The American Rhododendron Society I hereby present you, President Sersanous, with the first Gold Medal, The Supreme Award of the Society as a small token of our appreciation of your efforts.