QBARS - v7n1 Minutes of Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, October 16, 1952

Minutes of Meeting of A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, October 16, 1952
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by President, C. I. Sersanous at 8:00 P.M. in the Auditorium of the Journal Bldg. New Members, guests and members coming from the greatest distance were then introduced.
The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. Mr. Sersanous then told of the recent death of one of our Charter Members, Mrs. Adalaid H. Harding of this city.
Mr. John Bacher read a resolution in which he urged the Chapter to back a movement for a Horticultural Building to be located in N. Portland. After some discussion, Mr. Sersanous tabled this for Board action.
A letter from Mrs. Rosa Stevenson was then read and copies of her rhododendron and azalea list were made available.
Mr. P. H. Brydon was introduced as guest speaker, the subject being Dwarf Rhododendrons. A very thorough survey was made of each series, and the merits of each of the low-growing varieties were discussed. Along with the species, hybrids were also mentioned. A brief resume was given on the general culture of these plants. Drainage and good mulch was stressed.
The surprise of the evening was the awarding of the Gold Medal to Mr. C. I. Sersanous "for outstanding meritorious service." Mr. Rudolph Henny made the presentation during which he told of our President's untiring service to bring the Rhododendron Society to the front. A detailed account of his activities was given.
A plant auction followed which netted the Chapter $41.50. There were three R. 'King of Shrubs' donated by Endre Ostbo and one R. didymum donated by John Bacher.
Sides of dwarf rhododendrons were then shown by John Bacher.
Meeting adjourned.