QBARS - v7n1 A New Kingdon-Ward Expedition

A New Kingdon-Ward Expedition
F. Kingdon-Ward
Botanical Dept., Natural Museum
London S. W. 7

The Natural History Museum of London, and the Royal Horticultural Society along with the Arnold Arboretum of Boston and other institutions are organizing an expedition to the mountains of Assam next year, consisting of four botanists and collectors. I am leading it. Our directive is to look for hardy alpines, trees and shrubs, suitable for cultivation in temperate gardens. The expenses will be considerable, and in spite of a generous share taken by the R.H.S. of London, we are still likely to be short of funds.

We have obtained permission to carry out a plant hunting journey in the Kachin Hills of northern Burma in lat. 27° N., long. 98° E. Here we hope to collect from the sub-tropical and warm temperate valleys at 3000 feet, right up to the sub-alpine tops at 11,000-12,000 feet.

We shall get a good many rhododendrons, (some of them certainly new, as this region has never been explored), besides Primulas, Iris, cassiope, etc. If any members are interested I would be glad to hear from them.