QBARS - v7n1 Rhododendrons and Windmills Again

Rhododendrons And Windmills Again
Peter J. Van Bruggen
A Letter to the Editor

Windmill at work amongst rhododendrons
Fig. 17.  Windmill at work amongst rhododendrons
(Grossman photo)

From far and near, yes, from all points of the compass, have come the anguished cries of flower lovers who are baffled by the mole problem. Since you published the article "Of Moles and Windmills" in the July 1951 issue of the Bulletin, a great many members and their friends have written me requesting copies of the Windmill pattern so that they could "roll their own," so to speak. I have faithfully kept my promise and free copies of the pattern have gone forward, usually in return mail. Some local members have called in person to see the windmills, and, of course, received the glad hand of welcome. If but a small percentage of these people has been helped, I shall have that glowing feeling in my bosom that I have been of benefit to a suffering mankind.
Some folks have difficulty in reading and interpreting a blueprint, and several have asked if pictures are available. Some came to take pictures, and one of these was our friend, Dr. Grossman. He has loaned me the negatives and I am sending them on to you with some prints in the hope that you will be so kind to give this a small place in the next issue of the bulletin, thereby extending the usefulness of this service to out-of-town friends.