QBARS - v7n3 Rhododendrons that Received Awards from the American Rhododendron Society, 1953

Rhododendrons That Received Awards From The A.R.S., 1953

Rhododendrons Judged by A.R.S. Committee, May 9th, 1953, at Clarence Prentice
Nursery, E. Marginal Way, Seattle, Washington, and granted a Preliminary Award

Rhododendron 'James Barto' . P.A. Raised by the late James Barto; shown by Mr. Clarence Prentice, Seattle. Leaves elliptic, about three inches long by 1¾-2 inches wide, rounded to cordate at base, rounded to sub-acute at apex, glaucous and glabrous beneath, tough in texture; ,petiole glabrous, up to 1¼ inches long. Flowers 3-5, loosely arranged in a very short raceme; slightly fragrant; pedicels ¾-1 inch long, glandular (with stalked glands) except near very small calyx,-this scarcely more than a glandular reddish rim; corolla funnel form, narrow at base, about 2 inches long by 2½ inches wide, lobes usually 6, occasionally 7, rounded, undulate and crenate, color Fuchsine pink (H.C.C. 627/3), stamens 12, glabrous, unequal in length, pollen profuse, style slightly longer than stamens, glandular to tip, ovary densely glandular, 7-chambered.  This plant, from the late James Barto's garden at Junction City, Oregon, may well be a hybrid of R. williamsianum and R. orbiculare , and would then be a variant of 'Temple Belle', but nothing definite is known as to its origin. It flowers about 8-10 days later than 'A. J. Ivens' and 'Temple Belle' and lasts about three weeks in bloom.

Seedling of 'Earl of Athlone' x 'Rubina' , P.A. No. 5. , Raised by Lester Brandt, Tacoma; shown by Endre Ostbo, Bellevue, Washington. Leaves 5-6 inches long, 1¾-2½ inches wide, elliptic, lanceolate, acute and apiculate at tip, broadly wedge-shaped to slightly rounded at base, markedly veined with 12 or more pairs of lateral veins prominently raised below; upper side glabrous except on lower part of midrib, lower covered with a thin brown tomentum. Flowers about 11 in a loose truss, each on a glandular 1-1½ inch pedicel, calyx very small, glandular, the lobes dull red, tube funnel-shaped, lobed at base, sparingly pubescent within, the five petals overlapping one quarter to nearly half their width, color between Cardinal Red (H.C.C. 822) and Chrysanthemum Crimson (H.C.C. 824 ) . Corolla 2 inches long, 2⅜ inches wide, of firm texture, stamens variable in length, shorter or slightly longer than tube, sometimes becoming petaloid at base, rose colored; style longer than tube and stamens, red, bent or curved, glabrous; ovary densely white woolly.

Committee Present:
J. H. Bowen, D. G. Graham, O. E. Holmdahl, B. O. Mulligan, E. Ostbo

R. 'Little Pudding' R. 'Red Cloud'
Fig. 26.  R. 'Little Pudding' P.A. Fig. 27.  R. 'Red Cloud' P.A.

Rhododendrons Judged by the A.R.S. Committee, May 21, 1953 at Portland Oregon, and granted a Preliminary Award.

Rhododendron 'Little Pudding' ( decorum x 'Fabia') P.A. May 21, 1953. Flowers: 10-13 borne rather loosely in a terminal umbel, rachis 2 inches long. Pedicels glandular. Calyx irregular nearly two inches on the upper side. Corolla: Funnel campanulate, 4 inches wide, 2 inches long. Lobes 5-7. Color Camellia Rose (H.C.C. 622/1) on the outer lobes, shaded to near Chinese Coral (H.C.C. 614/2) in the throat. Petals: 5-7 One inch long 1½ inches wide. Stamens: 10 uneven length, white. Style: Glandular from the base to ½ inch of the tip, pale pink. Leaves: Oblanceolate to elliptic 3½ inches long. Upper surface dark green very slightly grooved. Under surface covered with a thin indumentum. Grown and exhibited by Rudolph Henny, Brooks, Oregon.

Rhododendron 'Red Cloud' ('Corona' x 'Tally Ho') P.A. May 21, 1953. Flowers: 16-18 Borne in a tight racemose truss. Rachis 3 inches long. Pedicels very glandular, stout, 2 inches long. Calyx less than ⅛ inch. Corolla: Funnel Campanulate 3½ inches wide, 2 inches long. Lobes 5, 1½ inches wide. Color: Outer petals Claret Rose (H.C.C. 021.) Inner part of tube overlaid Scarlet (H.C.C. 19/11. Petals 5. 1⅛ inches wide, 1 inch long. Stamens: 9-10 uneven length, scarlet. Ovary: glandular. Leaves: Oblong elliptic, 5-6 inches, green, underside very pale green. Grown and exhibited by Rudolph Henny, Brooks, Oregon.