QBARS - v7n4 Species No. 18 From The 1915 Rock Expedition

Species No. 18 from the 1948 Rock Expedition
Rudolph Henny

Rock No. 18
Fig. 31  No. 18 from the 1948 Rock Expedition
Henny photo

Since Dr. Carl Heller's notes on the Rock species in the July Quarterly Bulletin, I have again flowered Rock No. 18. The bloom is a copper red with a great deal of bright yellow intermixed, not unlike some forms of R. apodectum. In the illustration, Fig. 31, only three flowers are in evidence, but hardly discernible are three other unformed blooms, making a total of six. Some variation in foliage exists, and in looking over the plants, about twenty in number, one would strongly suspect that this particular plant is a rogue, and rightfully belongs with some other number.
This species has on two successive years made its normal growth near the first week in June, and proceeded to set a bloom bud that progresses until it bursts into bloom about the first week in July. Because of the size of the calyx and color it would be nearest R. scyphocalyx , but the appearance of the plant is different, with the habit of R. apodectum .