QBARS - v7n4 Year Book to be Published

Year Book To Be Published

Plans are being developed for an American Rhododendron Society Year Book to be published about a year from now. The Committee appointed by Mr. Sersanous to assemble the material includes J. Harold Clarke, Chairman; Rudolph Henny, George Grace, T. A. Hansen and Robert Bovee.
The editorial committee has had one meeting already and made general plans for the book. It is planned to include such things as up-to-date data on American breeding projects together with the names and, where possible, descriptions of all varieties originating in this country. There will be a great deal of other material of a reference nature which it is believed the members will want to have on file. There will also be feature articles on subjects which would seem to be of particular interest to our readers. It is hoped to get some material from abroad, but, of course, most of it will be written by and for Americans.
The last Year Book published by the American Rhododendron Society was for the year 1949. Actually this coming publication is not exactly a Year Book as it will cover a period of five years. It is anticipated that similar books would appear in the future at intervals of perhaps three to five years, depending on the amount of material becoming available which would be important and suitable for such a publication.