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Miss Cora Brandt

The California Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society announces with sorrow the passing of one of its most loved and respected members. Miss Brandt was for many years the Secretary of the California Horticultural Society and a member of its council. Horticulturally her first love was azaleas, and she developed and maintained a beautiful garden featuring them in Berkeley. Visitors would go out of their way in order to see the wonderful display. Miss Brandt con responded with azalea experts all over the United States. She was chosen by Mr. B. Y. Morrison to conduct tests in this area on many of the Glenn Dale hybrids developed by him. She was a member of the committee which assisted the editorial board that produced the very fine and authoritative Azalea Handbook issued by the American Horticultural Society in 1952. She was a good friend to all horticulturists, charming and gracious and she will be deeply missed by the many people who knew her.