QBARS - v8n3 The California Chapter American Rhododendron Society Show

The California Chapter American Rhododendron Society Show

California Chapter show
Fig. 23.  An exhibit at the show of the California Chapter A.R.S.

I am submitting the following report in connection with our exhibit at the recent Spring Garden Show in order that next year's committee will have available information on what was done this year.
A meeting was held a few weeks prior to the Show at which time Jack Osegueda, Harry Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Greene and Mr. Russ were present. At this meeting we discussed the type of exhibit we wanted, the material to be used, the date we would assemble the material and the date the material would be placed. We also discussed from where this material would come and who would assist in picking it up. We decided that Sunday and Monday, April 25th and 26th, would be the days on which we would assemble our material and the evening of the 26th would be the time at which we would start work on the exhibit. The following were used:

Rhododendrons Azaleas Extraneous Plants
1. Dexter Hybrid 1 Ghent Unique 3 Sarcococca rusifolia
1 Countess of Sefton 4 Altaclarence 3 Arctoslaphylos 'Una-Ursi'
1 Mrs. E. C. Stirling 2 Vervaneana Alba 2 Daphne cneorum
2 Unique 1 Hexe 3 Rapseolepsis 'Indica Rosea'
1 White Swan 2 Vervaneana 1 Mohonia bealei
4 Broughtonii Aureum 1 Sweetheart 2 Mohonia aquafolia
2 Bow Bells 5 Others 2 Cotoneaster aplicata
1 Madam Masson 1 Ledifolia Alba 3 Douglas Fir
1 C. B. Van Ness 1 Prince of Orange 1 Daphne 'Sierra Blue'
1 Chevalier Felix De Sauvage 2 Louise Gable 3 Mugho Pine
3 Jean Marie Montague 1 Buccaneer 2 Pieris forrestii
2 Fragrantissimum 1 Ghent Hybrid 2 Ancient Japanese Pine
3 Vulcan 1 Charles Encke 1 Ceanothus 'Sierra Blue'
1. Unknown Warrior 16½ flats wild strawberry border
1 Earl of Athlone
1 Fabia Tower Court
1 Langley Park
1 Sarita Loder
3 Purple Splendor

The background of trees was furnished by the Show but as this was rather sparse, we filled in with cypress cut from the Oakland hills. The ground cover was Redwood leaf mold.
The above material used in our exhibit came from the following sources:

Kerrigan Nursery Oliver De Silva's garden
Montclair Nursery Justin Greene's garden
Jack Osegueda's garden Maurice Sumner's garden
Tom Russ' garden

The members who assisted in gathering, placing and returning the material used were:

Jack Osegueda Maurice Sumner
Justin Greene Tom Russ
Oliver De Silva

We wish to especially point out the very fine assistance given by the following members, not only for the material furnished but for the time given in preparing the exhibit: Oliver De Silva, Justin Greene and Jack Osegueda.
Two trucks were used in gathering and returning most of the material, one furnished by Oliver De Silva and the other by Tom Russ.