QBARS - v8n3 Excerpt from a Letter by Mrs. Milton F. Stangel of Arcadia, California

Excerpt from a Letter by Mrs. Milton F. Stangel of Arcadia, California

Seven years ago I planted my first rhododendron, 'Eureka Maid'. We had just been transferred from New York and nostalgia was running high. In spite of discouraging predictions our 'Eureka Maid' has done surprisingly well, blooms abundantly each spring and has encouraged me over the years to add more and more varieties. Now I have twelve and though I'm sure they will never equal those grown in ideal conditions, they put on fine new growth each year and more importantly they all bloom.
Now I have the "fever." I have searched the library for more information especially for my own difficult growing conditions, (we are in the low section of the San Gabriel Valley). However my plants are evidently in a happy situation. They are all planted along the North side of the house or in the lath house. The faded flower clusters are assiduously plucked but I'm certain more could be done for them if I only knew more about their culture requirements, (I mean for here in Arcadia). There are very few rhododendrons grown in my neighborhood and few people to discuss them with, even the Nurserymen who sell them haven't the "know how" I'm looking for. However, I buy them, plant them, bloom them, they always grow and never die.


R. 'Eureka Maid' R. 'Madam Masson'
R. 'Pink Pearl' R. 'Betty Wormald'
R. 'White Pearl' R. 'Earl of Athlone'
R. 'Mrs. G. W. Leak' R. 'Dr. O. Blok'
R. 'Lady Bligh' R. 'Fabia'
R. 'Cynthia'