QBARS - v8n4 Notes on Two New Species

Notes On Two New Species
S. D. Coleman, Fort Gaines, Ga.

I have two possible new species of the native azaleas, one Dr. Henry Skinner of the National Arboretum, Washington D.C. wanted to name " R. colemani ", this plant has been sent in by many collectors and botanists under various names, one name I sent it under A. serrulata early, but in growing the plants along with A. viscosa , A. serrulata , and many of their variations, I say that it is a species. The other plant I am somewhat doubtful Mr. W. P. Lemmon and I named it "R. multiflora", it is of the A. speciosa group but blooms earlier, and has more flowers to the truss.
The idea came to me that the A.R.S. should be the final judge, and as the botanical name and description should be in Latin as well as English if both or one is a species, to do this I have thought of sending you possibly three of the "R. colemani" as I have that many variations in this plant, and the one "R. multiflora" that I have saved for just such a purpose. This latter plant is very scarce, not many more of them in the wild but we hope to propagate them in some way (My friend David Leach thinks I can do it with tender cuttings, will try this time) anyway it is a heavy bloomer. All to go in the test garden and let two or three of your botanists and others pass on the plants. In fact I would like for others to give a complete botanical description of the plants, and when through a report can be made in the A.R.S. quarterly. You can give me your idea of this. My study for many years has been of the living plant, and have several that I am puzzled over and each year on the Trail something new shows up that I have collected in my travels. All of this keeps up my interest.