QBARS - v9n1 Minutes of Meeting of Portland Chapter - November 18, 1954

Minutes of Meeting of Portland Chapter - November 18, 1954
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

Meeting called to order 8:00 P.M. by President C. I. Sersanous. New members and guests were introduced. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
The meeting was then adjourned as the Portland Chapter and resumed as the National Society. At this time Mr. Sersanous read for the second time the Resolution pertaining to the Chapters affiliating with the R. H. S. A motion was made that we adopt this Resolution as read. Motion seconded and a vote by show of hands carried the resolution.
The meeting was closed and re-opened as the Portland Chapter. Mr. Sersanous commented on Clement Bowers' book, "Winter Hardy Azaleas and Rhododendrons" stating that it would be good for beginners.
Mr. Geoge Grace gave a short talk on our proposed Exhibition house. He reiterated the need of a greenhouse and told of those he saw in England and Scotland. We have many plants already offered to the Society for our greenhouse, but we are still lacking in funds for its construction. Mr. Grace urged everyone to help in this project.
The main program for the evening was a Panel Discussion, the questions supplied mainly from correspondence through the Secretary. Mr. P. H. Brydon acted as moderator. Dr. Forester, Dr. Heller, John Henny and Cecil Smith make up the panel.

Q . What results have you had with Carco X?
Ans . "Next to useless, contains considerable creosote." "Used Carco X on everything, sure death to weevils."

Q . What is a cultivar?
Ans . Name recommended to use in-place of variety. Taxonomy; science of classification of plants. Clone; group of plants propagated asexually. Synonymy: various cultivars, names which means same.

Q . What causes wilt or die Back?
Ans . Root rot caused by a soil fungus. Pathologist feel that there is no cure as organism is found in poorly drained soils.

Q . Are some varieties more susceptible than others?
Ans . Yes, ponticum and griersonianum.

Q . Is word species incorrectly used in connection with rhododendrons?
Ans . The word species is always plural.

Q . Do you favor the use of artificial rooting compounds.
Ans . Some varieties may be helped. Horome #3-245 T. and #2 were used by two commercial men with success.

Q . How can rhododendron cut flowers be kept fresh several days?
Ans . Slit stem and put "Floral-life" in water.

Q . What fertilizer is recommended for rhododendrons.
Ans . Soils vary as to what they contain, trace elements, etc. Vigoro and Cottonseed meal will not burn if one uses only about a handful. If growth is wanted, any acid fertilizer can be used. Fresh cow manure can be applied in Winter months. Best fertilizer.

Q . What do you use in the propagating benches?
Ans . Rapid-Gro can be used on foliage. Liquid Vigoro and Fish in soil. Another grower recommended plain Vigoro, 6-10-4 formula.

Q . Name some good shade trees for use with rhododendrons
Ans . Oaks, White Fir, Pine, Sweet Gum, Native Dogwood, Incense Cedar and Coast Redwoods.

Following this discussion a plant auction for the benefit of the Exhibition House was held. Those donating plants were Esch Nursery, J. G. Bacher, E. R. Peterson, Klaas Ellerbrook, Geo. Grace, Ben Lancaster and The Hansens. A $110.00 was realized from the sale of these plants.

Meeting adjourned.