QBARS - v9n1 A Suggested Guide for Judging Cut Trusses at Shows

A Suggested Guide for Judging Cut Trusses at Shows

Score Points For Judging A Cut Truss
1. Size According to Variety 25 Points
2. Color 20 Points
3. Form 20 Points
4. Foliage 15 Points
5. Substance 10 Points
6. Condition 10 Points

1. Size according to variety: Refers to the diameter of the individual Corollas, number of corollas per rachis and a full size representative of its variety.
2. Color: The color should be true to variety and a good representative of the group in which it is classified.
3. Form: The rachis should be full, well rounded and typical of its variety. The stem should be straight with a full crown of leaves.
4. Foliage: All leaves should be well shaped of good color and size without mars or blemishes.
5. Substance: Refers to corollas only and means that they should be firm quality and not paper thin.
6. Condition: All blooms should be at their peak, fully in bloom and not faded or wilted.