QBARS - v9n1 Report to the American Rhododendron Society by Middle Atlantic Chapter

Report To The A.R.S. by Middle Atlantic Chapter
Thomas Wheeldon, M.D., Secretary-Treasurer

First and foremost, we have had only one meeting and that was the Annual meeting. It was of such proportionate grandeur that I am sure that it could well have taken the place of several meetings.
Nevertheless this is unhealthy. We should have more meetings, but circumstances have somewhat played against us. Last year, our president was the president of the Virginia Cancer Society and had had that position for a couple of years. She could not let the Cancer Society go and we admired the work she has done in this field. This year, we had a drought and I presume that Dr. Coe, our new president. simply felt the way that a lot of other people did. On a few instances, I have seen a tendency for some of the collectors and enthusiasts even to consider completely giving up. I would consider our annual meeting, however, enough to keep things going until a new period of juvenility arises, for repeatedly I am receiving inquiries and I am sure that interest is not completely in the doldrums.
Secondly, there is a tremendous development of interest in rhododendron throughout the individuals as comes to my attention right along. Of course, we suffered the unhappiness of having Joseph Gable injured and I believe that Henry Skinner lost a lot of his hybrids during the dry weather. All in all, I feel that as soon as we have an other meeting, reports of great activity among the members will be recorded.
I have written to Dr. Coe inquiring as to when we shall have another meeting and I am informed that this will probably be immediately after the holidays.
We have been approached as to the possibility of having a joint meeting of the Middle Atlantic Chapter and the Holly Society of America in November 1955. Thursday and Friday, November 9th and 10th would be for the holly enthusiasts; Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th would be for rhododendron enthusiasts; the joint big meeting would be on November 10th. Those who are interested in both plant families would have a delightful time by staying through the three days. This would be a tremendous meeting. I understand that there were 400 at the holly meeting in Millwood, N.J. this fall.
All of this, does not seem like much, but I want to repeat that I have no qualms about the interest and strength in the Chapter. With my every good wish.