QBARS - v9n2 "Rhododendrons" by the American Rhododendron Society

American Rhododendron Society To Publish Book "Rhododendrons"

This publication, could be called an up-to-the minute handbook of rhododendron growing and breeding in America. It will be ready for the printers in July. We hope to have it ready for distribution in October 1955. Two years have been spent in its preparation by a committee of experienced amateurs and nurserymen. It is as authoritative as it is possible to make it at this time.
A feature of the book will be the new American ratings of both hybrids and species. All plants that we are familiar with have been rated in view of American experience. This is the result of the Rating Survey which was circulated to all members of the society over a year ago. A committee of experienced nurserymen and amateur growers with large collections of plants, have carefully considered every plant on the list. For the first time you will have ONE list giving complete information about a plant such as, name, quality rating, hardiness, probable height at 10 years, blooming season, whether it is a clone or group, parentage, name of originator and color.
Other chapters of the book will cover culture, insects and diseases and their control, breeding, lists of American breeders, names and descriptions of new American hybrids, terms used in describing rhododendrons and a bibliography of rhododendron literature. All material has been written by experienced growers who know how rhododendrons perform in our country. A complete list of all material in the book is printed on the last page of this Bulletin.
The publication of a book of this size and scope is a major undertaking by a society of our membership. Therefore, it is necessary to sell a number of copies in advance of publication. We need your cooperation. Please order your copies of "Rhododendrons," now. It will be a book of approximately 200 pages, well illustrated. The price will be $4.25. We believe you will find the book interesting and of value, not only from the standpoint of the breeder, but the amateur grower and will serve as a reference many, many times. It is written so all can understand. While it does contain some technical information, it is written in non-technical language. We hope to publish a book of this type every five years.
On the last page of this Bulletin we have printed a coupon for your convenience in ordering your copies of "Rhododendrons." All money goes directly into the publication of this book. All material has been donated as well as the time spent in compiling it. Your order will be acknowledged by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society.