QBARS - v9n2 Honorary Life Membership Presented by the American Rhododendron Society

Honorary Life Membership Presented by the A.R.S.
Citation Presented by President Sersanous to John Bacher at the Meeting of the Portland Chapter

John Bacher
Fig. 12.  John Bacher (left) receiving the Society
award from President C. I. Sersanous.

I have a pleasant duty to perform this evening that of presenting to one of our members an Honorary Life Membership in the American Rhododendron Society.
He is a Charter member of the Society and I believe one of the organizers. He presently is a Director, having served in that capacity for many years. He is highly regarded not only by the Directors, but by the entire membership, for he had done much for the Society with goodly advice and counsel.
Since the inception of the Rhododendron Test Garden, he has served as Chairman of the Committee and not only has he given freely of his landscaping experience, but has put in many hours of hard labor in bringing the garden into its present perfection. I personally have marveled at his physique, vigor and leadership. It was not occasionally that this was done, but for every Saturday during the building of the Garden, this man could be found working on this project. This continued for several years until the pressure of his own business prevented further physical effort.
Horticulturally, he has been a leader in this field and has made many crosses of rhododendrons. Just last year a plant grown by this gentleman, received a preliminary award.
I could go on at length extolling the good virtues of this man, but I am confining my remarks to his activities in this Society, and from the time I have had the honor of knowing him.
It is now my pleasure and with deep appreciation coming from the Board of Directors and the membership for your untiring efforts on behalf of the American Rhododendron Society. I now present you, John G. Bacher, with this gold plaque suitably inscribed as follows: " To John G. Bacher, for Meritorious Horticultural Achievement on behalf of the American Rhododendron Society, dated February 17, 1955, an Honorary Life Membership."