QBARS - v9n2 The Nomination of Officers of the American Rhododendron Society

The Nomination Of Officers of the American Rhododendron Society

The committee on nomination appointed by the President nominates the following members:

President: C. I. SERSANOUS: Has mostly carried out the duties of this office for three terms; rhododendron fancier. and collector, prime mover in the development of the Trial Garden.

Vice President: W. P. RIDDELSBARGER: Lawyer, collector, interested in hybrids, species and azaleas. Long active in the development of The Rhododendron Park at Eugene, successful rhododendron show judge.

Secretary Treasurer: MRS. RUTH HANSEN: Has tirelessly worked for the betterment of the A.R.S. through three terms in this office, rhododendron collector and fancier, interested in hybrids and species, especially the Triflorum series.

Board of Directors:

EDWARD B. DUNN: Seattle. Washington:  Treasurer of North Pacific Frozen Products Co. Three times president Seattle Chapter A.R.S. Fine planting of choice hybrids and species on his three acre estate. Interested in the newer hybrids.

D. W. JAMES: Retired; long time collector and hybridist, especially interested in species and improved hybrids, one of the leading authorities on rhododendrons in the United States.

DR. WILLIAM CORBIN: Optometrist; rhododendron fancier and collector, has been most generous in sponsorship of Society Show awards.

R. M. SNODGRASS: Nurseryman; headed the committee in setting up the A.R.S. exhibit at the 1954 Multnomah County Spring Flower Show.

ROBERT BOVEE: Incumbent; grower and propagator; especially interested in dwarf varieties, 1953 Portland Show Chairman, Publicity Director for the Shows.

GUY B. JOHNSON: U.S. Forest Service; Rhododendron fancier and collector, most active in development of Trial Garden, 1955 Portland Show Co-Chairman.

FRANK J. BURKE: Retired, photographer; rhododendron fancier.

SUMNER WILLIAMS: Incumbent; President Industrial Parts Inc.; long active in Portland Rhododendron Shows and development of Trial Garden.

HOWARD J. SLONECKER: Past member of the Board of Directors. A.R.S., interested in species and hybrids, collector.