QBARS - v9n4 Rhododendron that Received Award from the American Rhododendron Society in 1955

Rhododendron that Received Awards From the A.R.S. 1955

RHODODENDRON 'DREAM GIRL' var. 'GOLD MOHUR', P.A. ('Day Dream' x 'Margaret Dunn')

Plant: 3 ft. tall, compact, upright in habit, flowering freely.
Leaves: elliptic-lanceolate, acute, apiculate, broadly wedge-shaped at base, 5-6 in. long, 2 in. wide, dark green above, much paler beneath with about 17 pairs of prominently raised veins, glabrous, margin hyaline, petiole 1 in. long.
Flowers: produced 10-12 in a loose truss on a glandular rachis 1 inch long, inclined downwards; pedicels densely covered with red glands, 1-1¼ in. long; calyx small, rim-like, very slightly lobed, glandular; corolla funnel-shaped, 2½-2¾ in. long, the lower 1-2 petals projecting forward, the upper 1-3 slightly reflexed, 3 in. wide across the mouth, tube 1½-2 in. long, scentless, color Barium Yellow (H.C.C. 503) . within the tube and spotted greenish on the upper part, similar on the outside at the base, becoming 503/1 to 503/2 towards the petal lobes; the latter notched, sometimes undulated, about 1 in. long 1-1¼ in. wide; stamens 10-12, of different lengths, the shortest 1-5/16 in., the longest almost 2 in., projecting from the tube, pubescent in the lower half, anthers light brown, style longer, upturned near apex, glandular almost to the prominent, capitate, greenish brown stigma.

Grown and exhibited by Lester Brandt.