QBARS - v9n4 "Rhododendrons" now at Printers

"Rhododendrons" Now at Printers

About the first of September more than one-third of the copy for "Rhododendrons," the 200 page book which is being published by this society was turned over to the printer. Most of the remaining copy has been written and is now being checked by the editor. It will be turned over to the printer this month.
Pictures have been assembled from many sources and the plates are now being made. While we will not have the book ready for distribution as early as we hoped, it is definitely moving ahead and will be out sometime during the winter.
We do need your cooperation. The book must be paid for and it will greatly help in getting it printed at an early date if you will order your copies now. In the back of this issue of the Bulletin is a description of the contents of "Rhododendrons" and a coupon to be used in ordering.