Volume 19, Number 2
Spring 2003

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Notes from the Editor
Kirk A. Swortzel

Differences Between Faculty and Students Perception of Recruitment Techniques That Influence Students to Attend Four-Year Automotive Programs
by Gregory Belcher, Robert Frisbee and Brian Sandford

Profiling Female Teachers of Agricultural Education at the Secondary Level
by Billye Foster

Factors Related to Technology Integration in Instruction by Marketing Education Teachers
by Donna H. Redmann, Joe W. Kotrlik, and Bruce B. Douglas

Trainer Burnout: The Syndrome Explored
by C. Keith Waugh and Michael R. Judd

A Reassessment of Technical Education in Mexico
by Gladys Lopez-Acevedo

Guidelines for Authors

Chapters of Omicron Tau Theta

ALPHA—University of Tennessee
BETA—Colorado State University
CHI—University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
GAMMA—Temple University
DELTA—Rutgers University
EPSILON—State University of New York
ETA—The Ohio State University
IOTA—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
KAPPA—University of Wisconsin-Madison
LAMBDA—Southern Illinois University
MU—University of Georgia
NU—California State University
XI—North Carolina State University OMICRON—Pennsylvania State University
PHI—Oklahoma State University
PI—University of Houston
RHO—University of Minnesota
SIGMA—University of Nebraska
TAU—Kent State University
UPSILON—University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
PHI—Oklahoma State University
CHI—University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
PSI—University of Idaho
OMEGA—University of Missouri
ALPHA APLHA—Chaing Mei University, Thailand


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Editorial Board Members

Cheryl Evanciew, Editorial Board Chair, Clemson University, South Carolina; Elaine Adams, University of Georgia; James Bartlett, University of Illinois; Gregory G. Belcher, Pittsburg State University, Kansas; Phyllis Bunn, Delta State University, Mississippi; Patricia Coyle-Rogers, Purdue University, Indiana; Carol Decker, Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee; Curtis Finch, Virginia Tech; Howard R. D. Gordon, Marshall University, West Virginia; Brenda Martin, University of Arkansas (Pine Bluff); Marja-Lenna Stenstrom, University of Jyvaskyla; and Daisy Stewart, Virginia Tech.

by Tracy Gilmore