Volume 23, Number 1
Fall 2007


Chapters of Omicron Tau Theta [PDF 127KB]

Editorial Board Members [PDF 117KB]

Notes from the Editor [PDF 125KB]

Guidelines for Authors [PDF 153KB]

Determining the Impact of Block Scheduling on Leadership Involvement in the FFA [PDF 241KB]
Anne H. Dunigan and Tracy S. Hoover

Employability Standards: Inclusion in Family and Consumer Science Middle School Curriculum [PDF 284KB]
Bettye P. Smith

Current Profile of CTE and Non-CTE Students: Who Are We Serving? [PDF 302KB]
Louann Bierlein Palmer and Dave Gaunt Louann Bierlein Palmer and Dave Gaunt

Identifying Technical Content Training Needs of Georgia Agriculture Teachers [PDF 300KB]
Jason B. Peake, Dennis W. Duncan, and John C. Ricketts Jason B. Peake, Dennis W. Duncan, and John C. Ricketts

A Survey of Vocational Training Needs of 15-25 Years Old Out-of-School Youths in Bauchi Metropolis [PDF 306KB]
M. I. Bello, I. M. Danjuma and A. Y Adamu

An Evolving Set of Values-Based Principles for Career and Technical Education [PDF 254KB]
Reynaldo L. Martinez Jr Reynaldo L. Martinez Jr

A Case Study Report of a Comprehensive Benchmarking Review of the Status of Vocational Education Students in California: Building a New Relationship between Community Colleges and California State University System [PDF 249KB]
Henry O'Lawrence

A National Assessment of Perceived Instructional Needs For Professional Development of Part-Time Technical and Occupational Education Faculty in the Community Colleges in The U.S. [PDF 254KB]
Brian A. Sandford, Gregory G. Belcher and Robert L. Frisbee

Four Key Themes in Perkins III Reauthorization: A Political Analysis [PDF 257KB]
Richard D. Lakes

Selected Career and Technical Education Teachers' Perceptions of the No Child Left Behind Act (Public Law 107-110): An Exploratory Study [PDF 255KB]
Howard R. D. Gordon, Richard J. Yocke, Cecilia Maldonado and Sterling J. Saddler

Bridging the Gap: Linking School and the World of Work in Ghana [PDF 337KB]
Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw, and Stephen Dennis

Influence Of Mentoring On Dyad Satisfaction: Is There Agreement Between Matched Pairs of Novice Teachers And Their Formal Mentors? [PDF 277KB]
Bradley C. Greiman


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