Volume 25, Number 2
Winter 2010

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Chapters of Omicron Tau Theta PDF [89 KB] HTML [4 KB]

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Math and Science Instructors’ Perceptions of Their American Indian Students at a Sub-Baccalaureate Technical College: A Delphi Study
Carsten Schmidtke Ph.D PDF [411 KB] HTML [58 KB]

Professional Development: Implications for Illinois Career and Technical Education Teachers
Karen Drage, Ph.D PDF [233 KB] HTML [50 KB]

Cooperative and Concurrent Enrollment and College Retention
Regina Foster PDF [229 KB] HTML [56 KB]

The Potential of Experiential Learning Models and Practices In Career and Technical Education & Career and Technical Teacher Education
Robert W. Clark, Ph.D., Mark D. Threeton, Ph.D. and John C. Ewing, Ph.D PDF [296 KB] HTML [60 KB]

Retention of Construction Teachers Engaged in Missouri’s Secondary School System
David McCandless, Aaron Sauer PDF [289 KB] HTML [56 KB]

High School Teachers Teaching College Courses to Career Technical Education Students? A Story of Success
Cathy Bishop-Clark, Janet Hurn, Stacey Adams Perry, Mary Beth Freeman, Mike Jernigan, Frank Wright and Nick Weldy PDF [363 KB] HTML [55 KB]

An Examination of the Relationship Between SkillsUSA Student Contest Preparation and Academics
Mark D. Threeton, Cynthia Pellock PDF [314 KB] HTML [50 KB]

The Impact of Appearance Management Training, Work Status, and Plans After High School on Opinions Regarding Appearance at Work and School
Beth Winfrey Freeburg, Ph.D., Sally E. Arnett, Ph.D PDF [211 KB] HTML [38 KB]

Democratic Learning in U.S. Career Education
Amanda Benjamin, Emery Hyslop-Margison and Josh Taylor PDF [284 KB] HTML [48 KB]


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