Volume 26, Number 1
Spring 2011

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Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Employer Expectations
Carrie DuPre, MA, Ph.D and Kate Williams, MEd, MS PDF [361 KB] HTML [46 KB]

The Operational Infrastructure of Secondary-level CTE: Definition, Validation, and Application
R. Adam Manley, Ph.D. and William T. Price Jr, Ph.D PDF [302 KB] HTML [40 KB]

Professional Development Needs of Idaho Technology Teachers: Teaching and Learning
John G. Cannon, Ph.D., Allen Kitchel, Ph.D., Dennis W. Duncan, Ph.D. and Sally E. Arnett, Ph.D PDF [324 KB] HTML [61 KB]

Perceptions of the Willingness of Part-Time Instructors in Community Colleges in the U.S. to Engage in Professional Development Opportunities and the Best Method(s) of Delivering These Experiences
Brian A. Sandford, Ph.D., Julie D. Dainty, Gregory D. Belcher, Ph.D. and Robert L. Frisbee, Ed.D PDF [245 KB] HTML [ KB]

The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Attitudes Toward Computer-based Instruction of Postsecondary Hospitality Students
Carl Behnke, Ph.D. and James P. Greenan, Ph.D PDF [374 KB] HTML [85 KB]


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