Volume 27, Number 2
Winter 2012

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Emerging Themes in Integrating Mathematics into Agricultural Education: A Qualitative Study of Star Teachers in Virginia
Dr. Ryan Anderson, Dr. Shawn Anderson PDF [276 KB] HTML [42 KB]

Career and Technical Education Secondary Female Teachers: Leadership Attributes
Tedra H. White, Bettye P. Smith PDF [418 KB] HTML [74 KB]

Identifying Innovative Agricultural Education Programs
John Rayfield, Tim Murphy, Gary Briers, Lauren Lewis PDF [367 KB] HTML [48 KB]

What 21st Century Leadership in Career and Technical Education Should Look Like
Thomas Viviano, Ph.D. PDF [266 KB] HTML [23 KB]

Texas Agricultural Science Teachers’ Attitudes toward Information Technology
Dr. Ryan Anderson, Dr. Robert Williams PDF [256 KB] HTML [58 KB]

Instructional Strategy Use of Faculty in Career and Technical Education
Edward C. Fletcher Jr., Yenni Djajalaksana, James Eison PDF [484 KB] HTML [65 KB]

A Preliminary Study of Career Education in Middle School
S. R. Ting, Y. F. Leung, K. Stewart, A. C. Smith, G. L. Roberts, S. Dees PDF [265 KB] HTML [65 KB]

A Gender Analysis of Job Satisfaction Levels of Agricultural Education Teachers in Georgia
Donald Gilman, Jason B. Peake, Brian Parr PDF [426 KB] HTML [109 KB]

Charlotte Danielson or National Board Certification: A Comparison and Contrasting of Two Major National Frameworks for Teaching
Thomas Viviano, Ph.D. PDF [221 KB] HTML [22 KB]

Dual Goals: The Academic Achievement of College Prep Students with Career Majors
Holly Yettick, Fred Cline, John Young PDF [327 KB] HTML [85 KB]


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