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Fluids Engineering Division
           Technical Editor
 Demetri P. Telionis (1995)
        Executive Secretary
           Pat White (1995)
            Calendar Editor
             M. F. Ackerson

Associate Technical Editors
      R. E. A. Arndt (1995)
           O. Baysal (1994)
           M. Gharib (1995)
       A. F. Ghoniem (1995)
        H. Hashimoto (1996)
   J. A. C. Humphrey (1996)
         O. C. Jones (1995)
           J. H. Kim (1996)
      G. Karniadakis (1995)
      R. W. Metcalfe (1995)
            L. Nelik (1995)
            W. F. NG (1996)
        R. L. Panton (1994)
         M. W. Reeks (1994)
         W. S. Saric (1995) 
         D. E. Stock (1996)
         S. P. Vanka (1996)

              Board on Communications
          Chairman and Vice-President
                          R. D. Rocke

                     Members at Large
         T. Barlow, T. Dear, L. Keer,
   J. Kitto, W. Morgan, E. M. Patton, 
    S. Patulski, R. E. Reder, R. Shah
       A. Van Der Sluys, F. M. White, 
                         J. Whitehead

                 Officers of the ASME
           President, J. H. Fernandes 
                           Exec. Dir.
                         D. L. Belden
                        R. A. Bennett
                     Publishing Staff
                    Mng. Dir., Publ.,
                 Charles W. Beardsley
                     Managing Editor,
                     Cornelia Monahan
Productions Assistant, Marisol Andino


Copyright 1994-95 by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
by Sisi Chen