JITE v39n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 39, Number 3
Spring 2002

From the Guest Editor


By Gerhard Salinger

Facilitating the Learning of Design Practices: Lessons Learned from an Inquiry into Science Education
By Janet L. Kolodner

Designing and Implementing an Integrated Mathematics, Science, and Technology Curriculum for the Middle School
By Richard E. Satchwell and Franzie L. Loepp

Introducing Technology as a School Subject: A Collaborative Design Challenge for Educators
By Gary Benenson and Felice Piggott

Large-Scale Teacher Enhancement Projects Focusing on Technology Education
By M. David Burghardt and and Michael Hacker

Developing Maryland's Technology Education Leaders For the 21st Century: Technology Education Leadership Project (TELP)
By Leon L. Copeland, Sr. and Robert C. Gray

Children Designing and Engineering: Contextual Learning Units in Primary Design and Technology
By Patricia Hutchinson

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