JITE v39n4 - Table of Contents

Volume 39, Number 4
Summer 2002

From the Editor

The Gap Between Theory and Practice


The Status of Technology Education: A National Report on the State of the Profession
by Tariq Akmal, Merrill M. Oaks, and Ronald Barker

Tech Prep Persistence in Comprehensive High Schools: An Exploratory Study
by Donna M. Miller and Kenneth Gray

Development of an Instrument to Assess Work Ethics
by John R. Boatwright and John R. Slate

Preferred Learning Styles of Postsecondary Technical Institute Teachers
by Dale E. Thompson, Betsy Orr, Cecelia Thompson, and Ok Park

Book Review

Evaluation and Implementation of Distance Learning: Technologies, Tools, and Techniques
Reviewed by Nancy Pliska Robinson

Bits and Pieces

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