Volume 43, Number 1
Spring 2006

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From the Editor

Who is going to fill our shoes? The graying of our Profession and NAITTE
by Janet Zaleski Burns

Call for Papers


National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators Membership Survey Report: Comparison of 1993 and 2004 Surveys
by Charles W. Gagel

What Does History and the Recent NAITTE Membership Survey Suggest for Our Future? A Call to Action
by Dan Brown

The Future of NAITTE: Honoring the Past, Understanding the Present, Embracing the Future
by Mary Jo Self

Preparing Teachers of Technology: A Response to Gagel's NAITTE Membership Survey Report
by David C. Bjorkquist

Online Course Development in Technical Teacher Education Programs
by Arnold K. Murdock

At Issue

The Nomenclature Dilemma Facing Technology Education
by Benjamin R. Spencer and George E. Rogers

Under Review

Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning
Reviewed by Brendan Calandra

Bits and Pieces

Tracy Gilmore