JOTS v22n2 - Table of Contents

Volume XXII, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1996

Table of Contents [102K]

Table of Contents

More than "..for All Americans"
Jerry Streichler, Editor [52K]

Guest Editarticle
On the proposition that technology education leaders have neglected important qualities of industrial arts education.
Dennis Herschbach, Ernest Savage [93K]

Essential Components of Doctoral Programs in Industrial Technology Education
William D. Paige, John C. Dugger, William K. Wolansky [103K]
Gender Related to Success in Science and Technology
Linda Rae Markert [97K]
Career and Other Factors Influencing Postsecondary Decisions: Survey of High School Students in Alberta, Canada
Nina M.Powlette, Darius R.Young [93K]

Special Section
On an organizational change process: The structured approach of the Mississippi Valley Industrial Teacher Education Conference
G. Eugene Martin, Rupert N. Evans, Scott D. Johnson, Jacob Stern [139K]

Building a Model for Technology Studies
John W. Sinn [60K]
Survey Results Guide Total Quality Management (TQM) Course Development in Industrial Technology
Ahmad Zargari [72K]
The Enterprise Training System and Training Content Analysis of Large Companies in Taiwan
Mike Chu-Hsun Kuo [58K]
A Primer on the Taguchi System of Quality Engineering
Vedaraman Sriraman [66K]
Toward Employability on an Era of Globalization: The Need to Change Regional Communication Traits
Beverly deGraw & Charles Patrick [61K]

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