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Volume XXIII, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1997

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Table of Contents [50K]

Table of Contents
Guest Editarticles [97K]

Science and Technology Education Imperatives for the World's "Have Nots"
R. M. Kalra

Skills in Education: A Philosopher's View
Joseph Agassi

"It's Pretty Scary": The Traumas of Change
Paul Black

The Educational Philosophies of Training and Development Professors, Leaders, and Practitioners
Linda P. Spurgeon & Gary E. Moore [80K]
From Industrial Arts to Technology Education: The Eclipse of Purpose
Dennis R. Herschbach [81K]
Council on Technology Teacher Education (CTTE) Evolution, Goals, Organization, and Challenges
R. Thomas Wright [72K]
Contradictions and Asides: A Social Critique of the Internet
Ce Ce Iandoli & Wendy Norris [89K]
Technology Education in Korea: Curriculum and Challenges
Sangbong Yi [136K]
Ideas [145K]

Design Methodology in University Science Technology and Society (STS) Programs
by Marc J. de Vries

Simulation in Employee Training Achieves Risk Management
by Phillip S. Waldrop

Computer Simulation and Virtual Reality Applications in Technology Studies
by Xueshu Song

Universal Performance Behaviors: What Ought to Be in the Technologist's Toolkit
by John W. Sinn

Teachers' Attitudes Toward Computer Use
by Sherry Hill Howie and Jia-Rong Wen

Feedback [77K]

Reader/Author Dialogue: Christopher J. Shelley comments on an article in a previous issue. The author, Vedaraman Sriraman, responds.

Correction of an article's authorship.

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