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Volume XXXII, Number 1, Winter 2006

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Volume XXXII, Issue No. 1, Winter 2006 [PDF 516K]

Editorial Board [PDF 45K]

Table of Contents [PDF 65.4K]

Cover [PDF 86.9K]


Franz A. Foltz [PDF 101K]


Reactors, Weapons, X-Rays, and Solar Panels: Using SCOT, Technological Frame, Epistemic Culture, and Actor Network Theory to Investigate Technology [PDF 150K]
Benjamin K. Sovacool

Conceptions of the Social that Stand Behind Artificial Intelligence Decision Making [PDF 135K]
John Monberg

Automation and Accountability in Decision Support System Interface Design [PDF 184K]
Mary L. Cummings

Technology-enabled Crime, Policing and Security [PDF 301K]
Sam McQuade

I Would Have Had More Success If...: The Reflections and Tribulations of a First-Time Online Instructor [PDF 139K]
Chien Yu and Teri Brandenburg

Clicking Toward Development: Understanding the Role of ICTs for Civil Society [PDF 145K]
Evan S. Michelson

Books Briefly Noted [PDF 62.4K]

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