JYSL v9n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 9, Number 2
Winter 1996

Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

Winter 1996

Volume 9, Number 2

Donald Kenney and Linda Wilson

From the Editors

A Nation of Immigrants: Are We Us or Them?

I am a First Generation American Because...
Amy Kellman

All Our Families Have Been Immigrants
Patricia M. Wong

You Want to Tell Everybody Back Home What You've Seen
Peter Sis

Kyoko Mori

Excerpts from My Family Album
George Ancona

Selecting Jewish Books for Children for General Library Collections
Susan F. March

Homeless Children in Public Libraries: A National Survey of Large Systems
Frances Smardo Dowd

ALSC Distinguished Service Award: Virginia Mathews

Evaluation of the Journal of Youth Services in Libraries by Surveyed User Groups
Joan Atkinson

Focus on Research
Elizabeth McClure Rosen, Editor

Children and the Internet: Themes for a Research Agenda
Frances F. Jacobson

Focus on Technology
Patricia W. Pickard, Editor

Notes from a Reluctant Cybernaut
Yvette Johnson

Constance A. Mellon, Editor

Caroline Ward and Sara Miller, Editors