WILLA Volume 10 - Table of Contents

Volume 10
Fall 2001

Table of Contents


Angel and Me: Knowing Your Place within Literacy Learning
Margaret Finders

Composing as a Person: Gender, Identify and Student Writing
Erica Scott

Anatomy of an Object Lesson: Constructing Characters In Classroom Context
Barbara J. Pace

Investigating the Role Gender Plays in Adolescents' Writing Processes and Products
Elizabeth Blackburn-Brockman

The Eye of the Storm: A Writing Group for Middle School Girls
Meg Peterson

Invisibility in Visibility: Reconstructing the Image of the Fat Self
Nancy A. Taylor

Departments: Teacher Write: Report Card of Equity

Must Literacy Achievement be Boys vs. Girls?
Edna Brabham, Elementary Section Representative

Teaching the Holocaust to Middle School Students
Maureen Dolan, Middle School Section Representative

Is There a Text in This Class? Adolescents and Literary Theory
Joanne Marshall, High School Section Representative

Reflections on Gender, Sexuality, and the Teaching of English
William Spurlin, College Section Representative

Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day
Jo Gilikan, Retired Section Representative


The Dance
Branda Mahoitz

by Radiya Rashid