Volume 56, Number 1
January/February/March 2010

Guidelines for Submissions to Virginia Libraries

  1. Virginia Libraries seeks to publish articles and reviews of interest to the library community in Virginia. Articles reporting research, library programs and events, and opinion pieces are all considered for publication. Queries are encouraged. Brief announcements and press releases should be directed to the VLA Newsletter.
  2. Please submit manuscripts via email as attachments in Microsoft Word, rich text, or plain text format. Articles should be doublespaced with any bibliographic notes occurring at the end of the article. Please avoid using the automatic note creation function provided by some word processing programs.
  3. Articles in Virginia Libraries conform to the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Accepted articles are subject to editing for style and clarity. Authors will be consulted on points of fact.
  4. All articles submitted for consideration are reviewed by the editors and may be refereed by the editorial board. Articles that are not selected for publication will be returned within three months.
  5. VLA holds the copyright on all articles published in Virginia Libraries. Contributors of articles receive one copy of the issue in which their work appears.
  6. Illustrations are encouraged and should be submitted whenever appropriate to accompany a manuscript. Hard copy illustrations will be returned if requested in advance. Digital images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Authors are responsible for securing legal permission to publish photographs and other illustrations.
  7. Each contributor should provide a brief sketch of professional accomplishments of no more than fifty words that includes current title, affiliation, and email address. Unless specified otherwise, this information will be shared with readers of Virginia Libraries. Physical addresses should also be provided for the mailing of contributor’s copies.
  8. Articles should generally fall within the range of 750–3,000 words. Please query the editors before submitting any work of greater length.
  9. Email manuscripts and queries to Cy Dillon, cdillon@ferrum. edu, and Lyn C. A. Gardner, cgardner@hampton.gov. Please be sure to copy both editors.
  10. Virginia Libraries is published quarterly. The deadlines for submission are: November 1 for Number 1, January/February/March; February 1 for Number 2, April/May/June; May 1 for Number 3, July/August/September; and August 1 for Number 4, October/November/December. VL
by Kaavya Giridhar