Issue 2:1 | Poetry | Robert M. West

4 Poems
By Robert M. West







A true

poem first


finds its

way into


words as

flooding, irresistible



trades heat


over time

for stability,


evens out

and settles


down, cooling

at last


into the

crystalline, immoveable


(and yet

moving) object.




Writing Desk



Too little

of what


takes place

here (too


rarely in

the first


place) ever

does take


shape to

speak of.







Wed hunch down, held rapt

by the crawdads caught up in

our bucket-rapture.




Three Candidates



1. The Dauphin


A borrowed fame equipped him for the race:

he bore his fathers name and wore his face.



2. The Populist


Each stop he made so many promises

his own top aides turned doubting Thomases.



3. The Spoiler


He took a twisted pride in tearing down

the side that didnt take him for a clown.




Robert M. West